Porridge Bread Recipe.

So I’ve been clean eating for about 4 years now and I’ve honestly never felt better, I love it! But the one thing I well and truly miss is.. BREAD. I mostly eat vegetables, fruit, nuts, seeds & grains. So no flour, no margarine & no refined sugars. Basically, bread is out of the question.... Continue Reading →

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Leg & Booty Building

Leg Day. So I promised my first post would be a fitness one, and what better place to start than with sharing my leg routine.. Because, well who doesn’t want a great ass and legs? The dreaded ‘leg day’ workout right? Wrong! Training my legs (and ass) is my absolute favourite, sure it’s a killer,... Continue Reading →

Mind Body & Soul.

I was talking to somebody a while back, about meditation, going to the gym, eating healthy, why I don’t drink or smoke. They asked me why do you do all of it? They caught me off guard at the time and I wasn’t able to answer, I don’t think they realised what a big question... Continue Reading →

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